Living Your Truth

To live your truth can take a great deal of courage, to ignore your truth can lead you into life long prison sentences. The ability to know your truth is as easy as listening to the inner voice that guides and directs you on your path. When you enter your truth you will see that where there is no clear way, a way will always be made when you pursue truth, where there is darkness there will always be light when truth is allowed to shine, everything you need to know will be revealed to you when you need to know it. There is nothing complicated about truth – it simply is.

Truth resonates within you, it does not come into conflict, it does not cause you inner turmoil – truth is known by you when you connect with it – it becomes one with you.

The right and true path only becomes clouded with fear and confusion when we fill our minds with these same things, leading us to a place of doubt and disillusion. The ability to understand the journey only comes from knowing your true purpose – your mission. Once again this can only be known when you learn to be still and to listen.

Living your truth is the only path toward fulfilling your true purpose and destiny, walking in truth is the only way forward. Your truth is the guiding light on the path ahead, it is the compass that points to the expected end, the end that is your true destiny.

I Have A Dream

I closed my eyes and I dreamt, I dreamt of a far away land bathed in the blood of innocent men, dying in another pointless war, a raging battlefield where one lone soldier in the midst of battle stopped and remembered, in the midst of his fear and anguish he remembered… he remembered the mother that gave him life, the father who made him feel so safe at night, the grandmother who showered him with love and the grandfather who was always there.

I dreamt of this soldier with tears in his eyes as he remembered friends loved and lost and the woman he cherished who carried his child… I saw him close his eyes and he remember the first time he held his newborn baby girl, and how he would give the world for her to live in peace.

As I dreamt I saw him stop, he knelt behind the shelter of an ancient battle scarred rock, then with tears in his eyes he lay down his gun, removed his gloves, and burying his face in his hands he remembered, he remembered running barefoot as a child with his friends through the streets of his hometown, and he sobbed as he remembered who he was… he is humanity, he is the soldier next to him, he is the soldier on the other side of the blood bathed battlefield.

With tears running down his cheeks he rose up with all that was within him and he screamed with all his heart, “Remember who you are, remember your new born babies – the day you held them safely in your arms, remember the mothers that bore you and the fathers that only ever wanted peace for you, remember we are one, we are humanity – I am you and you are me”. The sound of battle began to cease and soldiers stopped and they listened and they too remembered, with conviction in their hearts they threw down their weapons, tears filled their weary eyes as they remembered who they were and they remembered those that they loved.  As they looked up they realized that there was silence all around them, the battle had ceased. An “enemy” soldier who had understood the cry of the first brave soldier had translated his heartfelt cry to his comrades in battle and they too stopped and they remembered who they are.

The two once opposing armies walked towards one another with tears in their eyes and the closer they got the more each of them could see… this other guy, the one they told me was the enemy is just like me…

The war ended that day and those who had started the wars, the self righteous religious leaders and the puffed up politicians with their selfish and evil agendas were arrested for their crimes against humanity and then the soldiers sat down with each other like true brothers and as wise and compassionate men, they worked out their differences with respect and understanding, they destroyed their weapons and all agreed to live in harmony for the good of all humanity.

How I long for this dream to come true, share it with your friends and maybe someday it will end up on a battlefield and bring this evil to an end.

Shane McLeay