Your Inherent “Birthright” or “Wrong”?

I have heard it quoted more times than I can recall and I have quoted it myself, it is the reference to an “inherent birthright”. The quote itself seems very innocent and even justifiable; we all have an inherent birthright even though verbalising it can come across as a little selfish and demanding at times. Perhaps the term could be modified to a “birth blessing” rather than a birthright as the more I think about it the more I can see that what we perceive to be our rights could be more accurately referred to as privileges bestowed upon us or blessings to be grateful for rather than something we seek to demand as a birthright.

Another thing I have come to understand is that if we want to adopt the term “birthright” then we also need to clearly be aware of the “inherent birth responsibilities” that are attached to anything that we think we are inheriting through our arrival here on the earth. With the understanding that we inherit a space on the earth should also come the understanding that we are responsible for the earth we occupy during our time here, we can never own the earth any more than someone can own the sparkle on the water.

The culture of the western world today is to demand and consume without any thought or concern for the environment or fellow humans, either those here now or the generations to come. I know for me, the next time I am tempted to claim my “birthright” I will be more mindful of my inherent responsibilities to the earth and to humanity. It is time for a shift in our thinking, it is time to reassess the way we view the earth and our place in the grand scheme of things. To shift our world view away from what we think we are entitled to and focus on what is greater than just “self” will yield immeasurable rewards.

Our future can be beautiful, we are in a position to be all that we were intended to be. To deny “self” and to resist “selfishness” is the mark of one who understands the greater things; it is the only way forward.

Awakening from the sleep state.

The decision to move from what can only be explained as the sleep state into awakening is certainly a personal choice and one that often comes at a great cost, awakening means change and change will challenge the very foundation of your existence. When you awaken you will see that what you have always accepted as truth without question will be placed under unwavering scrutiny, as your vibration frequency changes so will your intolerance towards the shallow and often hypocritical values of the world around you.

You are…

I was pondering the potential of humanity today as I watched the sunrise over the river – this is what resonated within me: The source of all that is, was or ever will be is found within you… the same seed that grew the stars grew you – and your potential has already been decided, you just need to accept it.

Taking on the system…

Its funny how if you question the “system” you place yourself in the firing line of those bound by rigid belief – or more accurately those who fear change, what if the system is wrong???? I certainly respect the right to have a view in contrast mine but what happened to humanities right to pursue better things? Why in what is a “so called” free culture can’t we engage in intelligent and constructive conversation to create a better world? How is it that if you see something that is consistently wrong you are a “crackpot” if you question it?

The brave and the free will question and challenge what is wrong and the fearful and the controlled will buckle and fall victim to their own fear. After more than two hundred years the system of governance in this country should be working well and beyond corruption and bad management – its not. If you are prepared to defend this system what does that say about your character and indeed your ability to think freely and without fear?  I will continue to question and I will continue to defend what is right no matter what the cost and I will do this in peace and in love.

That’s what’s on my mind…

Closed Minds

The one who closes their mind to any further learning or any other possibilities have closed their mind to increased knowledge and have shut the door of their sould to increased wisdom. A closed mind and a closed heart is the result of fear – the fear of discovering that beliefs unquestionably held sometimes for an entire lifetime are in fact not truth but opinion.

If you open your mind to truth and your soul to wisdom and lay aside fear, the truth will guide you to where you need to be. Truth will give you the courage to move forward and wisdom will give you the discernment you need to choose the right path.

May you find peace on this, your journey.